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2 in 1 choker2 in 1 choker
2 in 1 choker Sale price245.00 NIS Regular price400.00 NIS
Almost Basic NecklaceAlmost Basic Necklace
Almost Basic Necklace Sale price325.00 NIS
almost gourmet necklacealmost gourmet necklace
almost gourmet necklace Sale priceFrom 890.00 NIS
almost silver gourmetalmost silver gourmet
almost silver gourmet Sale price254.99 NIS
Angling RingAngling Ring
Angling Ring Sale price180.00 NIS Regular price295.00 NIS
Balance  earringsBalance  earrings
Balance  earrings Sale price380.00 NIS
Basic  Men Loop//N1Basic  Men Loop//N1
Basic Men Loop//N1 Sale price265.00 NIS
Basic Bro braceletBasic Bro bracelet
Basic Bro bracelet Sale price285.00 NIS
Basic Gold NecklaceBasic Gold Necklace
Basic Gold Necklace Sale priceFrom 920.00 NIS
Basic Hexi HoopsBasic Hexi Hoops
Basic Hexi Hoops Sale priceFrom 275.00 NIS
Basic Men Loop//N2Basic Men Loop//N2
Basic Men Loop//N2 Sale price265.00 NIS
Beam necklaceBeam necklace
Beam necklace Sale priceFrom 364.99 NIS
Beam Necklace-goldBeam Necklace-gold
Beam Necklace-gold Sale priceFrom 1,589.00 NIS
Sold outBig Bro BraceletBig Bro Bracelet
Big Bro Bracelet Sale price350.00 NIS
Black Saturn RingBlack Saturn Ring
Black Saturn Ring Sale price360.00 NIS
Black Velvet NecklaceBlack Velvet Necklace
Black Velvet Necklace Sale price570.00 NIS
Sold outbrick braceletbrick bracelet
brick bracelet Sale price295.00 NIS
BRIDGE RING Sale priceFrom 410.00 NIS
Bump RingBump Ring
Bump Ring Sale price230.00 NIS Regular price315.00 NIS
Sold outCage RingCage Ring
Cage Ring Sale price269.00 NIS Regular price355.00 NIS
Chain Of EventsChain Of Events
Chain Of Events Sale price390.00 NIS
Chain RingChain Ring
Chain Ring Sale price275.00 NIS Regular price350.00 NIS
Chunky ChainChunky Chain
Chunky Chain Sale price263.00 NIS Regular price360.00 NIS
Chunky HoopsChunky Hoops
Chunky Hoops Sale price365.00 NIS
Chunky Ring //N1Chunky Ring //N1
Chunky Ring //N1 Sale price440.00 NIS
Chunky Ring// N2Chunky Ring// N2
Chunky Ring// N2 Sale price440.00 NIS
Chunky Ring// N3Chunky Ring// N3
Chunky Ring// N3 Sale price440.00 NIS
Circle studsCircle studs
Circle studs Sale priceFrom 265.00 NIS
Sold outCircular BraceletCircular Bracelet
Circular Bracelet Sale price351.00 NIS Regular price420.00 NIS
Classic Gold HoopsClassic Gold Hoops
Classic Gold Hoops Sale priceFrom 960.00 NIS
Combo 1Combo 1
Combo 1 Sale price395.00 NIS Regular price615.00 NIS
Combo 12Combo 12
Combo 12 Sale price480.00 NIS Regular price670.00 NIS
Combo 2Combo 2
Combo 2 Sale price397.00 NIS Regular price535.00 NIS
Combo 3Combo 3
Combo 3 Sale price370.00 NIS Regular price485.00 NIS
Sold outCombo 4Combo 4
Combo 4 Sale price440.00 NIS Regular price620.00 NIS
Combo 6Combo 6
Combo 6 Sale priceFrom 495.00 NIS Regular price705.00 NIS
Combo 9Combo 9
Combo 9 Sale price308.00 NIS Regular price415.00 NIS
Corner BraceletCorner Bracelet
Corner Bracelet Sale price187.00 NIS Regular price234.00 NIS
Corridor NecklaceCorridor Necklace
Corridor Necklace Sale price295.00 NIS
Sold outCrop Necklace // RoundCrop Necklace // Round
Crop Necklace // Round Sale price265.00 NIS Regular price390.00 NIS
Crop Necklace// SquareCrop Necklace// Square
Crop Necklace// Square Sale price265.00 NIS Regular price390.00 NIS
Disc EarringsDisc Earrings
Disc Earrings Sale priceFrom 260.00 NIS
Double BangleDouble Bangle
Double Bangle Sale price390.00 NIS
Sold outDouble Donut RingDouble Donut Ring
Double Donut Ring Sale price222.00 NIS Regular price368.00 NIS
Double Donut Ring-GoldDouble Donut Ring-Gold
Double Donut Ring-Gold Sale price228.00 NIS Regular price365.00 NIS
Double Tier RingDouble Tier Ring
Double Tier Ring Sale price414.99 NIS
Drip braceletDrip bracelet
Drip bracelet Sale price395.00 NIS