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final stock that we are saying goodbye to :) 

and you get the chance to pick something beautiful at an excellent price!

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Sold outCrop Necklace // RoundCrop Necklace // Round
Crop Necklace // Round Sale price265.00 NIS Regular price390.00 NIS
Crop Necklace// SquareCrop Necklace// Square
Crop Necklace// Square Sale price265.00 NIS Regular price390.00 NIS
Motion Pinky ringMotion Pinky ring
Motion Pinky ring Sale price263.00 NIS Regular price345.00 NIS
Sold outGlam EarringsGlam Earrings
Glam Earrings Sale price339.00 NIS Regular price360.00 NIS
Globe earrings//LGlobe earrings//L
Globe earrings//L Sale price270.00 NIS Regular price330.00 NIS
Onyx HoopsOnyx Hoops
Onyx Hoops Sale price205.00 NIS Regular price285.00 NIS
Reelz Ring-GoldReelz Ring-Gold
Reelz Ring-Gold Sale price300.00 NIS Regular price420.00 NIS
Sold outPink Coral HoopsPink Coral Hoops
Pink Coral Hoops Sale price205.00 NIS Regular price285.00 NIS
Link Ring//silverLink Ring//silver
Link Ring//silver Sale price281.00 NIS Regular price386.00 NIS
Chunky ChainChunky Chain
Chunky Chain Sale price263.00 NIS Regular price360.00 NIS
Sold outSpinner NecklaceSpinner Necklace
Spinner Necklace Sale price193.00 NIS Regular price290.00 NIS
Upsidedown StudsUpsidedown Studs
Upsidedown Studs Sale priceFrom 199.00 NIS Regular price225.00 NIS
Three Stones NecklaceThree Stones Necklace
Three Stones Necklace Sale price316.00 NIS Regular price390.00 NIS
The Best RingThe Best Ring
The Best Ring Sale price281.00 NIS Regular price340.00 NIS
Sold outCage RingCage Ring
Cage Ring Sale price269.00 NIS Regular price355.00 NIS
Snake Tail Earring-goldSnake Tail Earring-gold
Snake Tail Earring-gold Sale price339.00 NIS Regular price385.00 NIS
Sphere On Oval HoopsSphere On Oval Hoops
Sphere On Oval Hoops Sale price222.00 NIS Regular price330.00 NIS
Full Moon Ring- GoldFull Moon Ring- Gold
Full Moon Ring- Gold Sale price222.00 NIS Regular price373.00 NIS
Chain RingChain Ring
Chain Ring Sale price275.00 NIS Regular price350.00 NIS
Sphere On Oval Hoops-GoldSphere On Oval Hoops-Gold
Sphere On Oval Hoops-Gold Sale price222.00 NIS Regular price330.00 NIS
Obsidian cubesObsidian cubes
Obsidian cubes Sale price269.00 NIS Regular price300.00 NIS
Reelz Ring-SilverReelz Ring-Silver
Reelz Ring-Silver Sale price345.00 NIS Regular price420.00 NIS
Full Moon Ring- SilverFull Moon Ring- Silver
Full Moon Ring- Silver Sale price222.00 NIS Regular price373.00 NIS
Sold outGold Double RingGold Double Ring
Gold Double Ring Sale price287.00 NIS Regular price348.00 NIS
Sold outPackman necklacePackman necklace
Packman necklace Sale price216.00 NIS Regular price285.00 NIS
Snake Tail Earring-silverSnake Tail Earring-silver
Snake Tail Earring-silver Sale price339.00 NIS Regular price385.00 NIS
Sold outCircular BraceletCircular Bracelet
Circular Bracelet Sale price351.00 NIS Regular price420.00 NIS
Link Ring//GoldLink Ring//Gold
Link Ring//Gold Sale price269.00 NIS Regular price350.00 NIS
Tall RingTall Ring
Tall Ring Sale price140.00 NIS Regular price220.00 NIS
Double Donut Ring-GoldDouble Donut Ring-Gold
Double Donut Ring-Gold Sale price228.00 NIS Regular price365.00 NIS
Sold outFacing this BraceletFacing this Bracelet
Facing this Bracelet Sale price291.00 NIS Regular price415.00 NIS
fraction ringfraction ring
fraction ring Sale price216.00 NIS Regular price340.00 NIS
Sold outDouble Donut RingDouble Donut Ring
Double Donut Ring Sale price222.00 NIS Regular price368.00 NIS
Corner BraceletCorner Bracelet
Corner Bracelet Sale price187.00 NIS Regular price234.00 NIS
liquid frame necklaceliquid frame necklace
liquid frame necklace Sale price260.00 NIS Regular price300.00 NIS