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Our pieces are handcrafted therefore delicate in nature

Here are a few basic tips that will keep everyone happy:

-Store jewelry separately in an airtight bag or container and

Remove before going to sleep.-

 Avoid contact with water, lotions, perfumes, hairspray or any liquid (especially for the gold plated pieces) -

-Plated jewelry may be cleaned by gently wiping with a damp towel                     

-Silver jewelry may be cleaned with most detergents and a soft toothbrush.

 Our jewelry is made from 18K Gold plating (over brass) sterling silver, and 14k gold, all of which is 100% nickel free. 


We stand behind the quality of our work, and with proper care, your jewelry should last you for many years to come. However, jewelry is by no means indestructible. Wear them with care and they will love you back J

Should you require a repair or having your gold plated items re plated, please contact us with a description of what happened and we'll be happy to get you fixed up.