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Ear ClimbersEar Climbers
Ear Climbers Sale priceFrom 200.00 NIS
Chain Of EventsChain Of Events
Chain Of Events Sale price390.00 NIS
Chunky Ring //N1Chunky Ring //N1
Chunky Ring //N1 Sale price440.00 NIS
Labradorite Square  RingLabradorite Square  Ring
Labradorite Square Ring Sale price420.00 NIS
Silver Love NecklaceSilver Love Necklace
Silver Love Necklace Sale price369.00 NIS
Balance  earringsBalance  earrings
Balance  earrings Sale price380.00 NIS
Almost Basic NecklaceAlmost Basic Necklace
Almost Basic Necklace Sale price325.00 NIS
Sold outDrop Necklace // GoldDrop Necklace // Gold
Drop Necklace // Gold Sale price390.00 NIS
Pearls for your earsPearls for your ears
Pearls for your ears Sale price370.00 NIS
Raw metal //clear squareRaw metal //clear square
Raw metal //clear square Sale price345.00 NIS
Raw metal //black squareRaw metal //black square
Raw metal //black square Sale price345.00 NIS
Raw metal //black ovalRaw metal //black oval
Raw metal //black oval Sale price345.00 NIS
Raw metal //clear ovalRaw metal //clear oval
Raw metal //clear oval Sale price345.00 NIS
Disc EarringsDisc Earrings
Disc Earrings Sale priceFrom 260.00 NIS
Puddle StudsPuddle Studs
Puddle Studs Sale priceFrom 275.00 NIS
Sold outPairing TubesPairing Tubes
Pairing Tubes Sale priceFrom 220.00 NIS
Basic Hexi HoopsBasic Hexi Hoops
Basic Hexi Hoops Sale priceFrom 275.00 NIS
Triple RingTriple Ring
Triple Ring Sale price390.00 NIS
Raw all around ringRaw all around ring
Raw all around ring Sale price480.00 NIS
Rugged Ring// OvalRugged Ring// Oval
Rugged Ring// Oval Sale price480.00 NIS
Rugged Ring// SRugged Ring// S
Rugged Ring// S Sale price420.00 NIS Regular price480.00 NIS
Tears Ears//b&wTears Ears//b&w
Tears Ears//b&w Sale price365.00 NIS
Lraep RingLraep Ring
Lraep Ring Sale price370.00 NIS
Super Tiny RingSuper Tiny Ring
Super Tiny Ring Sale priceFrom 348.00 NIS
Double BangleDouble Bangle
Double Bangle Sale price390.00 NIS
Crop Necklace// SquareCrop Necklace// Square
Crop Necklace// Square Sale price265.00 NIS Regular price390.00 NIS
Sold outCrop Necklace // RoundCrop Necklace // Round
Crop Necklace // Round Sale price265.00 NIS Regular price390.00 NIS
Three Stones NecklaceThree Stones Necklace
Three Stones Necklace Sale price316.00 NIS Regular price390.00 NIS
Square Root RingSquare Root Ring
Square Root Ring Sale price380.00 NIS
Tears Ears // GoldTears Ears // Gold
Tears Ears // Gold Sale price365.00 NIS
Chunky Ring// N2Chunky Ring// N2
Chunky Ring// N2 Sale price440.00 NIS
Chunky Ring// N3Chunky Ring// N3
Chunky Ring// N3 Sale price440.00 NIS
Sold outGlobe earringsGlobe earrings
Globe earrings Sale price290.00 NIS
Glam EarringsGlam Earrings
Glam Earrings Sale price315.00 NIS Regular price360.00 NIS
Chunky HoopsChunky Hoops
Chunky Hoops Sale price365.00 NIS
Scribble Studs//GoldScribble Studs//Gold
Scribble Studs//Gold Sale priceFrom 265.00 NIS
Scribble Studs//SilverSmall
Scribble Studs//Silver Sale priceFrom 265.00 NIS
The Best EarringsThe Best Earrings
The Best Earrings Sale priceFrom 235.00 NIS
Sold outFacing this BraceletFacing this Bracelet
Facing this Bracelet Sale price291.00 NIS Regular price415.00 NIS
Corner BraceletCorner Bracelet
Corner Bracelet Sale price187.00 NIS Regular price234.00 NIS
We're Chained-SilverWe're Chained-Silver
We're Chained-Silver Sale price520.00 NIS
Sold outWe're Chained-GoldWe're Chained-Gold
We're Chained-Gold Sale price520.00 NIS
kesher earringskesher earrings
kesher earrings Sale priceFrom 220.00 NIS
the best necklacethe best necklace
the best necklace Sale price490.00 NIS
flat ringflat ring
flat ring Sale priceFrom 320.00 NIS
Upsidedown StudsUpsidedown Studs
Upsidedown Studs Sale priceFrom 199.00 NIS Regular price225.00 NIS
Push studsPush studs
Push studs Sale priceFrom 265.00 NIS
Circle studsCircle studs
Circle studs Sale priceFrom 265.00 NIS