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True Colors NecklaceTrue Colors Necklace
True Colors Necklace Sale price745.00 NIS
Red Velvet NecklaceRed Velvet Necklace
Red Velvet Necklace Sale price570.00 NIS
Oligarchit NecklaceOligarchit Necklace
Oligarchit Necklace Sale price725.00 NIS
Pnina Necklace GoldPnina Necklace Gold
Pnina Necklace Gold Sale price520.00 NIS
Tie Up Necklace-silverTie Up Necklace-silver
Tie Up Necklace-silver Sale price490.00 NIS
Weakest Link NecklaceWeakest Link Necklace
Weakest Link Necklace Sale price455.00 NIS
the best necklacethe best necklace
the best necklace Sale price490.00 NIS
We're Chained-GoldWe're Chained-Gold
We're Chained-Gold Sale price520.00 NIS
Trendit NecklaceTrendit Necklace
Trendit Necklace Sale price440.00 NIS
Almost Basic NecklaceAlmost Basic Necklace
Almost Basic Necklace Sale price325.00 NIS
Have a ball necklaceHave a ball necklace
Have a ball necklace Sale price375.00 NIS
Black Velvet NecklaceBlack Velvet Necklace
Black Velvet Necklace Sale price570.00 NIS
Pnina Necklace SilverPnina Necklace Silver
Pnina Necklace Silver Sale price520.00 NIS
Farce NecklaceFarce Necklace
Farce Necklace Sale price390.00 NIS
Sold outDrop Necklace // SilverDrop Necklace // Silver
Drop Necklace // Silver Sale price390.00 NIS
Sold outTie Up Necklace-goldTie Up Necklace-gold
Tie Up Necklace-gold Sale price490.00 NIS
Shine Bright NecklaceShine Bright Necklace
Shine Bright Necklace Sale price420.00 NIS
Farce Necklace GoldFarce Necklace Gold
Farce Necklace Gold Sale price390.00 NIS
Drop Necklace // GoldDrop Necklace // Gold
Drop Necklace // Gold Sale price390.00 NIS
Silver Love NecklaceSilver Love Necklace
Silver Love Necklace Sale price369.00 NIS
We're Chained-SilverWe're Chained-Silver
We're Chained-Silver Sale price520.00 NIS