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✨Damn! what a gem
Exclusive high-end jewelry pieces with the finest details

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The Last Ring GoldThe Last Ring Gold
The Last Ring Gold Sale price830.00 NIS
True Colors NecklaceTrue Colors Necklace
True Colors Necklace Sale price745.00 NIS
Oligarchit NecklaceOligarchit Necklace
Oligarchit Necklace Sale price725.00 NIS
Fancy This Earring- TourmalineFancy This Earring- Tourmaline
Fancy This Earring- Tourmaline Sale price520.00 NIS
Treasure EarringTreasure Earring
Treasure Earring Sale priceFrom 290.00 NIS
Black Velvet NecklaceBlack Velvet Necklace
Black Velvet Necklace Sale price570.00 NIS
Tipsy Ring-GoldTipsy Ring-Gold
Tipsy Ring-Gold Sale priceFrom 470.00 NIS
Gold Shake It EarringGold Shake It Earring
Gold Shake It Earring Sale priceFrom 270.00 NIS
The Last RingThe Last Ring
The Last Ring Sale price830.00 NIS
Pnina Necklace SilverPnina Necklace Silver
Pnina Necklace Silver Sale price520.00 NIS
The First RingThe First Ring
The First Ring Sale price830.00 NIS
Red Velvet NecklaceRed Velvet Necklace
Red Velvet Necklace Sale price570.00 NIS
Tipsy Ring-SilverTipsy Ring-Silver
Tipsy Ring-Silver Sale priceFrom 470.00 NIS
Treasure earring B&WTreasure earring B&W
Treasure earring B&W Sale priceFrom 270.00 NIS
Pnina Necklace GoldPnina Necklace Gold
Pnina Necklace Gold Sale price520.00 NIS
Fancy This EarringFancy This Earring
Fancy This Earring Sale price460.00 NIS
Silver Shake It earringSilver Shake It earring
Silver Shake It earring Sale priceFrom 270.00 NIS
Trendit NecklaceTrendit Necklace
Trendit Necklace Sale price440.00 NIS
Gold Gem Bem EarringsGold Gem Bem Earrings
Gold Gem Bem Earrings Sale priceFrom 290.00 NIS
Sold outSilver Gem Bem EarringsSilver Gem Bem Earrings
Silver Gem Bem Earrings Sale priceFrom 290.00 NIS