Hula Hoop EarringsHula Hoop Earrings

Hula Hoop Earrings

From 225 NIS
The Best EarringsThe Best Earrings

The Best Earrings

From 290 NIS
the best necklacethe best necklace

the best necklace

From 440 NIS
flexi gold hoopsflexi gold hoops

flexi gold hoops

From 280 NIS
flat ringflat ring

flat ring

From 290 NIS
Solid RingSolid Ring

Solid Ring

From 390 NIS
Tubes on GOLD chainTubes on GOLD chain

Tubes on GOLD chain

From 1,860 NIS
Triple RingTriple Ring

Triple Ring

390 NIS
Super Tiny RingSuper Tiny Ring

Super Tiny Ring

From 320 NIS
Link Ring//silverLink Ring//silver
On sale

Link Ring//silver

240 NIS 386 NIS
Globe earrings//LGlobe earrings//L
On sale

Globe earrings//L

265 NIS 320 NIS
Cage RingCage Ring
On sale

Cage Ring

230 NIS 355 NIS
Pita RingPita Ring
Sold out

Pita Ring

280 NIS 425 NIS
Motion Pinky ringMotion Pinky ring
On sale

Motion Pinky ring

225 NIS 345 NIS
Bump RingBump Ring
On sale

Bump Ring

230 NIS 315 NIS
Chunky ChainChunky Chain
On sale

Chunky Chain

190 NIS 360 NIS
Angling RingAngling Ring
On sale

Angling Ring

180 NIS 295 NIS
Labradorite NecklaceLabradorite Necklace
On sale

Labradorite Necklace

230 NIS 380 NIS
Chain RingChain Ring
On sale

Chain Ring

235 NIS 350 NIS
Tall RingTall Ring
On sale

Tall Ring

120 NIS 220 NIS
Gold Double RingGold Double Ring
On sale

Gold Double Ring

245 NIS 348 NIS
Obsidian cubesObsidian cubes
On sale

Obsidian cubes

185 NIS 288 NIS
Sphere On Oval Hoops-GoldSphere On Oval Hoops-Gold
On sale

Sphere On Oval Hoops-Gold

190 NIS 330 NIS
Full Moon Ring- GoldFull Moon Ring- Gold
On sale

Full Moon Ring- Gold

190 NIS 373 NIS
Full Moon Ring- SilverFull Moon Ring- Silver
On sale

Full Moon Ring- Silver

190 NIS 373 NIS
Packman necklacePackman necklace
On sale

Packman necklace

185 NIS 285 NIS
Sphere On Oval HoopsSphere On Oval Hoops
On sale

Sphere On Oval Hoops

190 NIS 330 NIS
Link Ring//GoldLink Ring//Gold
On sale

Link Ring//Gold

230 NIS 350 NIS

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